Consulting Services

Services offered

A to Z Consulting

  • Reviewing business plan, projections, locations, leases, etc.
  • Choosing equipment, products and suppliers
  • Advice on the layout of your space
  • Water treatment
  • Optimizing your workflow
  • Quality assurance (measuring your coffee’s extraction level)
  • Menu creation
  • Training of your employees, even before opening
  • Selling your café


  • Training of your new employees, at our training lab or in your location
  • Espresso preparation, milk steaming, brewing filter coffee (by hand and automatically), calibration and tasting, etc.
  • Optimizing efficiency and workflow
  • Customer service training
  • Upgrading/further training


  • Upgrading your equipment, coffee, techniques and workflow
  • Improving customer service
  • Transitioning your employees to new procedures

Meeting with experienced coffee professionals who knew what challenges were coming up, and who were able to make simple suggestions I was comfortable with, as well as guide me through what I had trouble figuring out, was very helpful. I now have a better picture of the road ahead.

François,  owner of Shaughnessy Café

The Academy took us under his wing from the beginning, even before the opening of our café. They gave us several training sessions in espresso, and coffee in general. They comes back each summer to train new employees, as well as making regular informal visits to discuss coffee and techniques, just for fun!

Valérie et Mathieu, owners of H8S coffee bar, Lachine

Since opening our café in 2009, we’ve had several opportunities to work with Chris and David. Thanks to their experience on the ground and their deep understanding of the subject, they’ve really helped us to identify the characteristics of a well-brewed coffee, to understand the parameters of extraction, to adjust the machine and grinders to succeed under varied conditions, to perfect our technique of steaming milk, and finally to help us develop a fast, efficient workflow. They know how to respond to our exact needs, and they get the best out of everyone and the tools at their disposal. I heartily recommend them both to people wanting to work in coffee, as well as home baristas. 

Sylvain Paré, owner of Lapin Pressé