Roasting Workshop | Scott Rao’s Roast Defect Kit

This guided workshop is a cupping of the Roast Defect Kit developed by Scott Rao and roasted by Regalia Company. This activity will help the curious, baristas and roasters to differentiate different roasting traits and defects in a guided setting.

10 pers max
1h30 to 2h00

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The cupping will be done with the same green coffee which is roasted in three ways: a baked, an underdeveloped and an optimal roast. This is an opportunity to taste the impact of common roasting defects, by comparing among others the temperature curves of each roasts, and to understand what are their causes.

*If you are a barista (only), please contact by email us for a discount code.

Please note that classes will be given in French, but in keeping with the bilingual reality of Montréal, we’re happy to translate certain terms and phrases so that everyone can enjoy the experience.

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Lundi 6 Août @19h00 (workshop in French)

Machine espresso de l'Académie de café de Montréal