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Private class with your equipment

This private class allows you to get the most out of your home equipment! We can focus on any aspect of coffee prepartion you wish.

1-xx people




To better understand your needs, please provide the make and model of your machine and grinder before the class, in order for us to assess your needs and prepare for the training.

We also recommend that you bring one to two pounds of your favorite coffee, as well as any other accessories your normally use (frothing pitcher, tamper, scale, etc.), in order to re-create your home environment. If possible, please also bring a 1-2 cup sample of the water you use for brewing, and we will do a quick test for its suitability for brewing.

During the private training session, we can address any areas you wish. Commonly covered topics include:

  • Basic espresso extraction theory
  • Choosing coffee beans
  • Choosing a recipe (brew ratio + shot time)
  • Diagnosing extraction flaws by taste
  • Tips and techniques to maximize the use of your equipment
  • Best practices for pulling shots
  • How to create microfoam when steaming milk
  • How to pour latte art
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Advice on equipment upgrades

Private class AT THE ACADEMY: $125/h minimum of 2 hours, charging in 15 minute sections after the minimum, and a flat fee of $50 per additional attendee. Taxes extra.

AT YOUR HOME: $185/h, minimum of 2 hours, charging in 15 minute sections after the minimum, and a flat fee of $50 per additional attendee, plus travel fees or car rental if applicable. Taxes extra.

Please note that gift certificates can not be used to pay for private lessons. 

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