Tasse de café filtreTasse de café filtre

Manual Filter | Theory and technique


Learn how coffee extracts, and how to do it well – two different filter coffee brewing methods will be covered.

8 people max
3h30 to 4h00

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Course contents

  • An in-depth look at coffee extraction
  • What parameters affect the rate and quality of extraction, and how
  • Best practices for brewing two different brewing methods (usually a V60 pourover and French Press, but may vary)
  • Tasting filter coffee and diagnosing brewing flaws
  • How to adjust parameters to improve your coffee

Please note that classes will be given in the specified language, but in keeping with the bilingual reality of Montréal, we’re happy to translate certain terms and phrases so that everyone can enjoy the experience.

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Wednesday July 18 @6:00pm (in English), Mercredi 1er Août @18h00, Tuesday August 21 @6:00pm (in English)


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