Intensive Barista Training


The Intensive Barista Training is a great way to jump into the world of coffee. Perfect for the passionate home barista, or those just starting in the industry. For an option in English contact us.

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Intensive Barista Training lasting a full week-end (14 hours total), from 10am to 6pm with a lunch break from 1 to 2.

* Please note that this class is presented in French only at the moment. We can help you along the way in English, but the majority of the content is in French. For more information on an English training, please contact us.*

Saturday, 10 to 1:30: theory, technique and diagnostic.

  • An in-depth look at coffee extraction
  • What parameters affect the rate and quality of extraction, and how
  • Calibrating equipment
  • The steps to prepare an espresso and several manual filter coffee methods
  • Tasting espresso and diagnosing brewing flaws
  • Adjusting parameters to improve your coffee
  • Steaming, texturing and sharing milk

Saturday, 2:30 to 6:00 tasting, history and terroir

  • The history of coffee since its discovery
  • Growing and processing coffee
  • Introduction to the terroir and roasting of coffee
  • How to choose a coffee, and demystifying labels – organic, fair trade, direct trade, etc.
  • Tasting via ‘cupping,’ the technique used by coffee professionals to evaluate coffee


  • All day intensive practice, with a lot of tasting and calibrating, for both filter and espresso
  • Calibrating of 2 or more coffees.
  • How to clean and maintain your equipment


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17-18 mars 2018 (en français), 21-22 avril 2018 (en français), 19-20 Mai 2018 (en français)


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