Extraction d'un espresso sur la machine de l'Académie de café de MontréalExtraction d'un espresso sur la machine de l'Académie de café de Montréal

Espresso | Theory and Technique


Have you ever wondered why your coffee tastes different from one day to another, or why the same coffee tastes so different when brewed at home versus at a café? How much coffee should you use in the basket, and how much liquid should you pass through it? Are your shots pouring too fast or too slow, and if so, what should you do? How do baristas produce that creamy, silky milk texture?

Join us for our Espresso | Theory and Technique class for these answers, and more!

8 people max
Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours

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Course contents

  • An in-depth look at how coffee brews;
  • What parameters affect the taste and quality of your coffee, and how;
  • Best practices, techniques, and tools for preparing an espresso;
  • Tasting espresso and diagnosing brewing flaws;
  • Adjusting parameters to improve your coffee;
  • Steaming and texturing milk.

(Please note that this class does not include pouring latte art — for that, please check out our ‘Latte Art: Introduction’ class.)

All of our classes are designed to be applicable to beginners, but also to include detailed explanations and advanced techniques that are valuable even to professionals. Please note that classes will be given in the specified language, but in keeping with the bilingual reality of Montreal, we’re happy to translate certain terms and phrases so that everyone can enjoy the experience.

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Wednesday August 19 @6:00 pm (in English), Mercredi 26 Août @18h00, Samedi 29 Août @15h00, Mardi 1er Septembre @18h00, Saturday September 5 @3:00 pm (in English), Samedi 12 Septembre @15h00, Tuesday September 15 @6:00 pm (in English), Mercredi 23 Septembre @18h00, Samedi 26 Septembre @15h00, Mercredi 30 Septembre @18h00, Saturday October 3 @3:00 pm (in English), Samedi 10 Octobre @15h00, Mercredi 14 Octobre @18h00, Tuesday October 20 @6:00 pm (in English), Samedi 24 Octobre @15h00, Mercredi 28 Octobre @18h00, Samedi 31 Octobre @15h00, Mardi 3 Novembre @18h00, Saturday November 7 @3:00 pm (in English), Mercredi 11 Novembre @18h00, Samedi 14 Novembre @15h00, Tuesday November 17 @6:00 pm (in English), Samedi 28 Novembre @15h00, Lundi 30 Novembre @18h00, Tuesday December 1st @6:00 pm (in English), Samedi 5 Décembre @15h00, Samedi 12 Décembre @15h00, Mercredi 16 Décembre @18h00

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