What? A coffee academy in Montreal?

As this is our first blog post, you may be wondering: why a coffee school? Our mission is to further the understanding, appreciation and brewing of delicious, quality coffee. We want to encourage conversation among coffee consumers, owners of cafés and restaurants, and baristas, to advance and share knowledge. The progressive wing of the coffee industry is still very new, and we all still have lots to learn. Being humble, constantly seeking to improve, and sharing what we discover, is key to making progress. This is the driving force behind all the classes, workshops, events, and consulting that will be offered through the Academy.

There will also be many unofficial activities open to all; follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on upcoming events. Our doors will regularly be open for enthusiasts and professionals to come and participate in cupping, testing, and discussion. We’d like to become a gathering place and resource for the coffee community.

We currently have five classes available to the general public, and another class is also in the works: ‘Espresso | Bring your home machine and grinder,’ where you’ll learn how to use your home espresso equipment better, regardless of the brand and model.

We also offer customized classes for groups, both for companies and the general public, at our training facility or in your space, and we plan to train people that want to work in the field of coffee, but need some hands-on experience. We’re going to offer a two-day intensive training program, with the goal of placing graduates into upcoming positions in the network of progressive cafés in the city.

Several social events are also on the horizon. We’re organizing a launch party with some fun coffee activities, and we’re working on a tasting workshop in collaboration with La tablette de Miss Choco to pair bean-to-bar chocolate and coffee. Finally, not to be missed in Montréal this October 17, the second edition of East Coast Coffee Madness, a one-day coffee event for amateurs and professionals. As a sponsor of the event, we’re offering some of our coffee classes as door prizes to attendees.

Are there classes or activities that we’ve missed that you’d be interested in? Or times you’d rather see classes scheduled? Do you need a space to do testing or training, or have an idea for a partnership with us? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

And a huge thanks to everyone through the beginning of this venture, including our partners, and all those who have signed up already for our classes!