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With previous career experience mainly as a producer for video games, CGI cartoons and visual effects for television and films, Chris got interested in coffee as a hobby at first, buying a high-end home espresso machine and grinder, and then collecting various other brewing equipment, cups, t-shirts, etc.  When he was looking for a change in careers, he decided to try to turn that hobby into a profession. Knowing he needed to learn a lot before doing so, he went in search of a barista job. He was fortunate enough to be the first employee hired at the groundbreaking Café Myriade in Montreal, and received an intensive training from its owners, Anthony Benda and Scott Rao, during the café’s first year of operation. He then worked as a consultant and trainer for many Montréal cafés and restaurants, before opening The Knife, a progressive café on Saint-Denis Street in Montréal in March, 2012. Chris has now sold that café, and is focusing on his new venture, the Montreal Coffee Academy. Chris can talk about coffee for a really long time.

Chris Capell

Owner and Teacher