We are happy to announce that we are now once again offering public classes. We appreciate your patience while we purchased supplies and equipment, and rebuilt the classes to adjust for the new reality of coronavirus.​​

    • Obviously, we ask that if you have any symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste and/or smell), if you have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, or if you have had contact with someone sick in the last 14 days, to please not book classes with us until you have completed your quarantine period and/or received confirmation of negative COID-19 test results. If your classes are already booked, please contact us to reschedule your class for a later date.

    • We are sanitizing all contact surfaces before every class, using products recommended by Health Canada to fight coronavirus. The space has been rearranged to allow the required amount of space between all participants throughout most of the course (if you are members of the same household, you may of course sit even closer together), but there will be some moments where we must approach closer than that, when providing feedback on certain manual techniques, for example. We will keep these moments brief, and hand washing or sanitizer will be used before and after using the equipment.
    • Masks are now required in interior public spaces by law, so we ask that you wear them constantly, pulling them aside only to drink water or taste coffee. We also ask that you bring your own paper, pens and water glasses from home, although we can provide these if necessary.

    • If you feel uncomfortable with any of this, please do not book a course with us, or if you already have, please contact us to reschedule your class for after the development of a vaccine, or for a reimbursement.

Thank you for your understanding, and stay healthy and safe!


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